Ashley Opperman is a Victoria based artist and designer. She graduated from Camosun College in 2014 with a diploma in Visual Arts. There she learned a wide range of mediums, including though not limited to: pottery, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, film, animation, and design. Her experience there shaped the way she approaches her work, encouraging her to ask big questions and let the concept determine the medium. This way of working often causes her work to look quite varied. Though bold contrasts, nature, marble and expressive brush strokes have become recognizable themes and motifs in her art and design.

Ashley's work is honest yet subtle, which often requires your time and attention to take notice of it's many layers of innovative ideas and experimentation. In her series, "Hoop" she reconstructs and transforms traditional women’s home craft material into personal observations of gender inequality in the art world. Though beautiful to observe, these Hoops comment on a dark and complicated reality. 

In addition to her thriving art practice, Ashley is the Lead Designer at Metropol Industries, a prominent printshop and design studio in downtown Victoria. There she designs print material and branding for a number of local businesses. Her designs often mix the digital with evidence of the artist's hand at work. Expressionist ink brush strokes and organic textures contrast her clean and modern layouts.






2017 - current: Metropol Industries: Victoria, B.C. : Lead Designer

2016 - 2017: Metropol Industries: Victoria, B.C. : Service Rep.: Printshop

2015 - current: LDI (non-profit): Victoria, B.C. : Admin & Design: Office

2016: Life Tree Ministries: Victoria, B.C. : Admin, Social Media & Design: Office

2016: Create Luova: Austin, Texas : Ashley Opperman: Published Interview

2016: Picot Collective: Victoria, B.C. : HOOP Series: Shop

2015: Vic42 Studio: Victoria, B.C. : Ashley Opperman: Solo Exhibition

2015: Vic42 Blog: Victoria, B.C. : Capturing the Love of Art: Published Interview

2015: Vic42 Studio: Victoria, B.C. : Teresa Lindsay Couture: A Pop-up Shop

2015: Darling Magazine: L.A. : The Great Divide: "River" & "Agate" Paintings (Fall issue)

2014: Xchanges Gallery: Victoria B.C. : Bare and Unleashed: A group exhibition

If you're interested in working with me, send me a note below. I'd love to hear from you!

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